Birthing the Natural Way!
Prachi and Mahat welcome a new life, birthed naturally.

Birth can indeed be a surreal experience if a woman trusts her body, has a supportive birth team and labours in a safe and secure environment.

Prachi, a first-time mother with a low-risk pregnancy, was under midwifery care, attended all the childbirth classes and was very keen to have a waterbirth. She went past her due date and was looking forward to an intervention-free start to her labour. Prachi and her baby were carefully monitored. At 41 weeks, Prachi set into labour. She came to the hospital and was assessed by the Midwife. She was found to be 1 cm dilated. Prachi and Mahat were given an option to go home and return once the waves progressed, but they wished to stay back at the hospital. Prachi was taken to the birthing room and was supported by Mahat, her doula and midwife.

The aura of the birthing room added to the sacredness of the birthing process with dim lighting, aroma of lavender, soft music playing in the background, and the walls adorned with birth affirmations, family photos and fairy lights. The waves progressed quickly and Prachi was finding it difficult to cope. Her doula kept massaging her aching back and gave her plenty of juices to drink. Prachi seemed to find a lot of comfort sitting on the commode with warm water being sprayed on her back alternating with sitting in the opposite direction on the chair. So that was exactly what her birth team did, serving her just the way she had wanted them to.

All this while the baby was being carefully monitored by the midwife. They went one wave at a time, holding space for Prachi as she soared through her waves. She soon started feeling a lot of pressure and began bearing down. The midwife got the pool ready and helped Prachi get into the pool. She slowly began to relax, following her instincts and changing positions from sitting upright to the all- 4’s position, from standing to squatting in the pool. It was getting intense for Prachi and she used the Entonox gas to help cope.

Prachi soon began to vocalize while feeling the ring of fire at her perineum. Within a few minutes, the baby’s head was visible at the perineum. Slowly and steadily, she followed her body and began breathing her baby down. Her birth team continued playing their role as cheerleaders. It was truly a magical moment seeing Prachi and her baby lock eyes even before the baby was completely out of her body. A few minutes later, Mahat took the privilege of bringing his son out of the water and placing him on Prachi’s chest as she embraced him adoringly. It was indeed an emotional moment watching the new parents as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world. Twenty-three minutes later the cord pulsations stopped and Mahat cut the cord. Prachi was helped out of the pool. She had a few sutures put while Mahat provided the skin-to-skin to his son. When Prachi was ready, she continued providing the skin-to-skin and began breastfeeding her beautiful baby boy.

It is so important that we stop viewing every birth as an emergency, because it is not. Only if we attempt to understand and accept this, can we help pregnant women believe in their bodies, trust in their ability to birth and find their true power.

Congratulations Prachi and Mahat for achieving the birth you wanted.

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    Birthing it Right!
    Shilpa and Rajender’s empowering VBAC story

    Shilpa first birthed at a small hospital in her hometown, and unfortunately her experience was a disappointing one. She went into labour spontaneously but was not treated empathetically by the hospital staff. She was left alone to labour and was not offered any comfort measures or pain relief options. She found it difficult to cope and due to the lack of adequate support facilities, ultimately gave up. She was wheeled into the operation theatre and a caesarean was performed. For several years she lived with the feeling that if only she was supported better, she could have had a positive and empowering birth experience.

    When Shilpa conceived again, she decided to seek a hospital and a care provider who would offer her respectful care and support her decision for a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC). The couple registered with us. Through her pregnancy, she did everything right from focusing on her diet, exercising, reading a lot about how she could achieve the birth she wanted and attended the childbirth classes, all this while continuing to take care of her older son, managing her home and work.

    Shilpa was under collaborative midwifery and obstetric care. She was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and was advised diet control with oral medication. At term, her blood glucose levels began fluctuating and Shilpa was counselled for an induction if she did not set into spontaneous labour.

    At 38 weeks, Shilpa went into labour spontaneously. She managed her early labour at home with comfort measures. By the time she reached the hospital she was exhausted and requested pain relief. She received an injectable preparation and managed to catch up on some rest. Her birth team ensured Shilpa was eating, drinking fluids and changed her positions frequently. All through labour, Shilpa and her baby were carefully monitored. Later that night, Shilpa’s waves became more intense. Her bag of waters released spontaneously. The midwife performed a gentle examination and found she was 3 cms dilated. Shilpa wished to use the Entonox gas and chose the pool for hydrotherapy and once in there, she felt relaxed. She was soon in sync with her instincts. The Midwife used underwater probes to monitor the baby. Within half an hour Shilpa began bearing down. She wanted to birth outside the pool and was helped by her birth team. Shilpa followed her body’s natural urges and soon gave birth to her beautiful daughter. She was well supported by her husband, Rajender who was closely involved in the whole process. He held her hand and assured her of his constant active presence till the birth of their baby.

    Shilpa had the birth she had wanted, with labour starting on its own and letting her body get on with its rhythm. She did not require any intravenous drips with medication to augment labour, no epidural, and no C-Section. Voila! Shilpa enjoyed the birth experience she wanted. Congratulations Shilpa for believing in yourself and achieving the birth you had envisioned.

    Women in labour often give up because the supporting team gives up on them and Shilpa’s birth team stood by her right through it all, offering her the care that every woman deserves during childbirth.

    Congratulations Shilpa and Rajender for achieving the birth you wanted.

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      Life’s Bundle of Joy
      Abinaya and Anoop’s gentle birthing experience!

      Abinaya and Anoop, first-time parents had just relocated to Hyderabad. When Abinaya discovered she was pregnant, the couple were excited. They looked forward to this new chapter in their lives. The journey through   pregnancy was a smooth sail right through to term. When Abinaya crossed the expected date of delivery, she began to get impatient. She kept in touch with her doula who reassured her that her labour would start when her baby was ready. Over the next few days Abinaya and Anoop spent time doing a lot of pre-birth bonding activities.

      At 40.3 weeks, Abinaya began with her waves. She stayed in touch with her doula and spent the next 15 hours at home relaxing, having warm showers, eating and drinking, moving around and timing her waves. By night, her waves got more intense. They were advised by their doula to visit the hospital. On examination by the midwife, she was found to be 2 cm open. Abinaya had her dinner, a relaxing shower and caught up on some rest. Around midnight, her waves picked up and Abinaya was shifted to the dimly lit birthing room which was filled with the sweet fragrance of rose. She found the birthing ball very relaxing and spent a lot of time on it. With each surge, she would breathe and vocalise surrendering herself to the process as her body was opening. When she felt ready, Abinaya informed her team she would like to enter the pool.

      Abinaya immediately felt a sense of lightness in the warm waters of the pool and changed into positions of her comfort- all 4’s, squat and side-lying. Her doula kept wiping her face and kept her hydrated with juices and her midwife kept a close watch on the baby’s heartbeat. Anoop was an amazing birth partner. He seemed to know Abinaya’s every move and he stood by her like a rock, encouraging her. He was filled with admiration for Abinaya as she rode through each wave with grit and determination. Three hours in the pool and Abinaya felt the urge to bear down. She spontaneously released her waters. She continued changing positions in the pool and after an hour of bearing down came out of the pool to empty her bladder. Abinaya was exhausted and wished to rest for some time. Almost immediately, the baby’s head began crowning and within a few minutes she birthed her baby boy gently into the world. Abinaya could not believe she was holding her bundle of joy. The baby lay against his mother’s bosom enjoying her warmth while Anoop was beaming with pride seeing his just completed family.

      Congratulations Abinaya and Anoop for achieving the birth you wanted.

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        The Magic of Life:
        Shaila and Pradeep’s natural birthing story

        At 39 weeks, Shaila started having irregular waves. After 24 hours, her waves became more regular. They came to the hospital and Shaila was seen by the midwife. She was already 2 cms dilated and felt reassured that the process of labour had indeed begun. Shaila and Pradeep decided to go home and return to the hospital once the waves got more intense. A couple of hours later, they came back as the waves had picked up. Shaila was 4 cms opened. Her doula soon joined them. Shaila wanted a pain relief option, and after discussing with her midwife and doula, decided to try the pool for hydrotherapy. While the midwife was getting the pool ready, her doula helped her with some visualizations. Once Shaila entered the pool, she slowly began to relax and follow her instincts. Within an hour and a half in the pool, she began feeling a lot of pressure and instinctively started bearing down. She was so beautifully supported by Pradeep who gave her the space she required on this journey yet letting her know he was walking beside her, available in case she needed him.

        Shaila was not comfortable staying in the pool and decided to come out. She was found to be fully dilated. She soon felt the urge to bear down and spontaneously began to push. Shaila was physically exhausted and her blood pressure was rising. She was given the specific medication. Her birth team helped her adopt different upright positions and soon her baby’s head was visible. With a little help and support, Shaila gently birthed her little boy.

        If only every woman going through pregnancy and birth feels she is heard, her choices are respected, she is cared for and treated with love and empathy, we would have more women enjoying their birthing experience and motherhood. This would certainly help a woman birth with love rather than with fear.

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