Birthing the Natural Way!
Prachi and Mahat welcome a new life, birthed naturally.

Birth can indeed be a surreal experience if a woman trusts her body, has a supportive birth team and labours in a safe and secure environment.

Prachi, a first-time mother with a low-risk pregnancy, was under midwifery care, attended all the childbirth classes and was very keen to have a waterbirth. She went past her due date and was looking forward to an intervention-free start to her labour. Prachi and her baby were carefully monitored. At 41 weeks, Prachi set into labour. She came to the hospital and was assessed by the Midwife. She was found to be 1 cm dilated. Prachi and Mahat were given an option to go home and return once the waves progressed, but they wished to stay back at the hospital. Prachi was taken to the birthing room and was supported by Mahat, her doula and midwife.

The aura of the birthing room added to the sacredness of the birthing process with dim lighting, aroma of lavender, soft music playing in the background, and the walls adorned with birth affirmations, family photos and fairy lights. The waves progressed quickly and Prachi was finding it difficult to cope. Her doula kept massaging her aching back and gave her plenty of juices to drink. Prachi seemed to find a lot of comfort sitting on the commode with warm water being sprayed on her back alternating with sitting in the opposite direction on the chair. So that was exactly what her birth team did, serving her just the way she had wanted them to.

All this while the baby was being carefully monitored by the midwife. They went one wave at a time, holding space for Prachi as she soared through her waves. She soon started feeling a lot of pressure and began bearing down. The midwife got the pool ready and helped Prachi get into the pool. She slowly began to relax, following her instincts and changing positions from sitting upright to the all- 4’s position, from standing to squatting in the pool. It was getting intense for Prachi and she used the Entonox gas to help cope.

Prachi soon began to vocalize while feeling the ring of fire at her perineum. Within a few minutes, the baby’s head was visible at the perineum. Slowly and steadily, she followed her body and began breathing her baby down. Her birth team continued playing their role as cheerleaders. It was truly a magical moment seeing Prachi and her baby lock eyes even before the baby was completely out of her body. A few minutes later, Mahat took the privilege of bringing his son out of the water and placing him on Prachi’s chest as she embraced him adoringly. It was indeed an emotional moment watching the new parents as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world. Twenty-three minutes later the cord pulsations stopped and Mahat cut the cord. Prachi was helped out of the pool. She had a few sutures put while Mahat provided the skin-to-skin to his son. When Prachi was ready, she continued providing the skin-to-skin and began breastfeeding her beautiful baby boy.

It is so important that we stop viewing every birth as an emergency, because it is not. Only if we attempt to understand and accept this, can we help pregnant women believe in their bodies, trust in their ability to birth and find their true power.

Congratulations Prachi and Mahat for achieving the birth you wanted.

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    Breaking the Stereotype
    Monica and Aaron’s motivated birthing experience

    Monica’s birth created history in her family. For over two decades no one in her family had had a vaginal birth. Being short statured with a low BMI, everyone told her she would never have a vaginal birth. But Monica and Aaron were very motivated to give it their best and have as natural a birth as possible. At 19 weeks, Monica required a stitch in her cervix to prevent a miscarriage. She was understandably apprehensive but remained positive. Meanwhile, Monica attended the childbirth classes and practiced her breathing and relaxation techniques; perineal massage from 35 Wks and other exercises she hoped to use during labour.

    At 38 weeks, Monica began regular waves. When they became intense, she was advised by her doula to visit the hospital. Monica was found to be 3 cms open. She soon began bearing down and half an hour later spontaneously birthed her little baby girl. Over the next hour and a half, Monica enjoyed giving skin-to-skin to her baby. Monica and Aaron were thrilled and grateful that they could carry this baby to term and birth her without any interventions.

    Congratulations Monica and Aaron for believing in yourself. Your birth story has indeed broken all stereotypes that exist in today’s fear-based society. You have shown that a woman’s belief in herself combined with knowledge is a powerful combination. More power to you.

    Congratulations Monica and Aaron for achieving the birth you wanted.

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      Life’s Bundle of Joy
      Abinaya and Anoop’s gentle birthing experience!

      Abinaya and Anoop, first-time parents had just relocated to Hyderabad. When Abinaya discovered she was pregnant, the couple were excited. They looked forward to this new chapter in their lives. The journey through   pregnancy was a smooth sail right through to term. When Abinaya crossed the expected date of delivery, she began to get impatient. She kept in touch with her doula who reassured her that her labour would start when her baby was ready. Over the next few days Abinaya and Anoop spent time doing a lot of pre-birth bonding activities.

      At 40.3 weeks, Abinaya began with her waves. She stayed in touch with her doula and spent the next 15 hours at home relaxing, having warm showers, eating and drinking, moving around and timing her waves. By night, her waves got more intense. They were advised by their doula to visit the hospital. On examination by the midwife, she was found to be 2 cm open. Abinaya had her dinner, a relaxing shower and caught up on some rest. Around midnight, her waves picked up and Abinaya was shifted to the dimly lit birthing room which was filled with the sweet fragrance of rose. She found the birthing ball very relaxing and spent a lot of time on it. With each surge, she would breathe and vocalise surrendering herself to the process as her body was opening. When she felt ready, Abinaya informed her team she would like to enter the pool.

      Abinaya immediately felt a sense of lightness in the warm waters of the pool and changed into positions of her comfort- all 4’s, squat and side-lying. Her doula kept wiping her face and kept her hydrated with juices and her midwife kept a close watch on the baby’s heartbeat. Anoop was an amazing birth partner. He seemed to know Abinaya’s every move and he stood by her like a rock, encouraging her. He was filled with admiration for Abinaya as she rode through each wave with grit and determination. Three hours in the pool and Abinaya felt the urge to bear down. She spontaneously released her waters. She continued changing positions in the pool and after an hour of bearing down came out of the pool to empty her bladder. Abinaya was exhausted and wished to rest for some time. Almost immediately, the baby’s head began crowning and within a few minutes she birthed her baby boy gently into the world. Abinaya could not believe she was holding her bundle of joy. The baby lay against his mother’s bosom enjoying her warmth while Anoop was beaming with pride seeing his just completed family.

      Congratulations Abinaya and Anoop for achieving the birth you wanted.

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        Birthing with Love & Courage
        Disha and Prashant’s memorable waterbirth experience!

        Disha’s birth proved a simple fact. Even in her vulnerability, the labouring woman is the most powerful being in the birthing room. Second time parents, Disha and Prashant had decided to come back to birth with us. Disha’s pregnancy journey had a lot of unknowns as she was admitted twice, once at 34 weeks for a threatened preterm labour and again at 36 weeks for decreased fetal movements. Disha was under midwifery care and was very keen to have a waterbirth, something that she had missed the first time.

        At 38 weeks she came to the hospital with decreased fetal movements. With midwifery and obstetric collaboration, it was decided that Disha would be better off with admission and a stretch and sweep in view of persistent decreased fetal movements. Disha and Prashant agreed to the plan but during the procedure, Disha was already found to be 3cms open. She soon started with her waves and was supported by Prashant, her doula and her midwife who worked relentlessly to support Disha ensuring she was well hydrated and relaxed. With each wave Disha would instinctively sway and breathe her way through the wave. In between the waves, Disha would laugh and talk with her birth team.

        Soon her waves picked up and Disha started feeling a lot of pressure. She began breathing heavily and was vocalizing with each wave. Her midwife and doula knew that birth was imminent. Disha got into the pool with Prashant right there holding her hand and letting her know he trusted in her ability to birth. Within a few minutes after entering the pool, Disha released her waters and began to bear down. Disha and Prashant soon welcomed their baby into this world. They were both thrilled beyond words as they held their little boy who lay nestled in his Mamma’s arms. Twenty minutes later, Prashant cut the umbilical cord. He was holding his son and continued giving skin-to-skin while her midwife and doula helped Disha come out of the pool. The midwife put a few stitches before leaving the proud parents to spend quiet time together.
        Congratulations Disha and Prashant for achieving the birth you wanted.

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          The Second Coming:
          Pratyusha and Nagaraju’s phenomenal birthing story!

          Pratyusha had a very traumatic first birth experience. A full-term unexplained stillbirth at a well-known local hospital. She was a victim of obstetric violence and disrespectful care. Labour was induced, and she was left alone with her husband Nagaraju. The nurse would come in at intervals to increase the oxytocin IV drip. However, the nurses did not look, talk or touch Pratyusha during their visits into the room. Pratyusha was not allowed to drink or eat during her eleven hours of labour. The young couple were scared, helpless and lost. They sought comfort in each other.

          Pratyusha had many sleepless nights following the birth of her stillborn daughter. She longed to hold her baby girl, breastfeed her, watch her grow but all she had were memories of a traumatic birth experience.

          15 months later she conceived again. She booked with us at 20 wks. A month later, she was found to have gestational diabetes and required insulin to control her blood glucose levels. This time Pratyusha and Nagaraju decided they would do things differently. They wanted to be better prepared with knowledge and be more in control. They attended our childbirth classes and also booked a Doula. At 33 wks she was admitted with threatened preterm labour and was managed conservatively.

          In view of her past history and requiring Insulin for control of her gestational diabetes, Pratyusha was scheduled for an induction of labour at 38 weeks. At 37 weeks memories of her previous loss overwhelmed her with fear and she became very anxious. So, Pratyusha and her family decided to get admitted as the couple felt safe with regular monitoring of both mother and the baby.

          Pratyusha was induced at 38 weeks. She spontaneously released her waters and soon began with her waves, which were growing intense. The baby’s heartbeat was being carefully monitored by the Midwife and her birth team helped her with hot showers and other comfort measures which helped Pratyusha relax. The birthing room was made just like she had wanted it. Pratyusha and Nagaraju worked together, rhythmically swaying following each wave. Nagaraju was an amazing birth partner. He was breathing with her and just following each wave, one at a time. Pratyusha was finding it difficult but she was progressing too. She took the entonox gas for pain relief and instinctively turned to the all-4’s position on the bed. Soon she began to bear down very gently. She then rolled on to the left lateral position and birthed her little baby boy into this world. She held her baby close to her chest and could not stop crying…tears of happiness, tears of contentment, and tears of relief. Almost immediately and so naturally, Little Jay latched on and started breastfeeding.

          How women are treated during labour matters, the kind of support provided to them matters, their choices being respected matters, because after all “BIRTH MATTERS”!

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            Birthing with Love and Joy:
            Anshu and Abhik’s heart-warming birth story

            Anshu heard a lot of negative stories about birth. Nearly all her friends had a C-Section, and she was keen on enjoying an unmedicated vaginal birth. She travelled from Kolkata to book with us at 29 wks of her pregnancy.

            At 33 weeks, Anshu came for a routine check and complained of a fluid leak. On examination the cervix was found to be 3 cm dilated, but the bag of water seemed to be intact. Anshu had not experienced any waves or discomfort. She was admitted for observation and was administered steroid injections to help her baby’s lungs to function in the event of Anshu birthing prematurely. However, Anshu remained stable so went home.

            At 35 wks of pregnancy, Anshu’s waters started to go. Anshu and Abhik remained calm despite the anxiety expressed by her family. The childbirth preparation classes had empowered her with knowledge and confidence. She had a hot water shower, ate her breakfast, packed her bag and came to the hospital.

            On examination, the cervix was found 3 cm dilated. Her waves were irregular. A decision was made to augment her labour. Soon she began experiencing stronger waves at a regular pace. Anshu remained calm, sipping on fluids, and enjoying her fruit. She had a hot shower and sat on the birth ball while she read the birth affirmations she had chosen for her labour. She continued with her exercises and her smile!

            The midwife was meticulously monitoring Anshu and her baby’s well-being. Anshu was given antibiotics as she developed fever midway through her labour. 3 hours later, Anshu was exhausted and found it difficult to cope with the waves which by now had further increased in intensity. But the love and support of her midwife and doula kept Anshu going. She found comfort in talking to her baby in between her waves while gently rubbing her belly. Soon Anshu felt the urge to bear down and was fully dilated. At this point she was close to giving up. But the obstetrician, midwife and her doula encouraged her with each wave. Four hours later, Anshu birthed her baby girl into this world. She had tears in her eyes as she tenderly hugged her little baby.

            Anshu was on cloud nine having achieved the birth she wanted.

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              The Magic of Life:
              Shaila and Pradeep’s natural birthing story

              At 39 weeks, Shaila started having irregular waves. After 24 hours, her waves became more regular. They came to the hospital and Shaila was seen by the midwife. She was already 2 cms dilated and felt reassured that the process of labour had indeed begun. Shaila and Pradeep decided to go home and return to the hospital once the waves got more intense. A couple of hours later, they came back as the waves had picked up. Shaila was 4 cms opened. Her doula soon joined them. Shaila wanted a pain relief option, and after discussing with her midwife and doula, decided to try the pool for hydrotherapy. While the midwife was getting the pool ready, her doula helped her with some visualizations. Once Shaila entered the pool, she slowly began to relax and follow her instincts. Within an hour and a half in the pool, she began feeling a lot of pressure and instinctively started bearing down. She was so beautifully supported by Pradeep who gave her the space she required on this journey yet letting her know he was walking beside her, available in case she needed him.

              Shaila was not comfortable staying in the pool and decided to come out. She was found to be fully dilated. She soon felt the urge to bear down and spontaneously began to push. Shaila was physically exhausted and her blood pressure was rising. She was given the specific medication. Her birth team helped her adopt different upright positions and soon her baby’s head was visible. With a little help and support, Shaila gently birthed her little boy.

              If only every woman going through pregnancy and birth feels she is heard, her choices are respected, she is cared for and treated with love and empathy, we would have more women enjoying their birthing experience and motherhood. This would certainly help a woman birth with love rather than with fear.

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                Moment of a Miracle:
                Harshita and Namit’s birthing story

                Harshita was booked with us and was under collaborative obstetric and midwifery care. Her pregnancy was uneventful and she was keen to have a waterbirth.

                Four days past her due date, Harshita noticed that her waters had started to go. She contacted her Doula and visited the hospital. By the time the midwife checked her, Harshita had already begun her waves. She was given an option of returning home and waiting for 24 hours for her body to develop its own rhythm and set into labour. She returned 24 hours later. On examination, she was 1 cm open. A decision to augment the labour was made.

                Harshita was informed by her obstetrician that now she may not be able to have a waterbirth as she did not meet the safety criteria for hydrotherapy (immersing in the warm water pool). She opted for the other non-pharmacological comfort measures.

                Her doula joined her at this point and helped her with the light touch massage on her back, alternating with a hot water bag, which seemed to help her as her waves kept waxing and waning. Six hours later, Harshita was assessed and was found to have the same findings – 1 cm open. Tired by now, Harshita and Namit were disappointed. The midwife and the doula reassured them that Harshita’s body was doing all that it could at this point of time and they just needed to stay positive and go with the flow. They helped her continue with her rhythm of breathing with each wave, gently holding her hand while reading her birth affirmations that she so connected with.

                By the afternoon, Harshita was 3 cms open and her waves had clearly picked up, but she was exhausted. She took an epidural and slept for 2 hours and woke up energised. Harshita was given different upright positions using the peanut ball and soon she was fully dilated. Her baby’s head was short of rotation, so the midwife and her doula helped her with some rebozo exercises. Harshita was exhilarated hearing her body was completely opened and she would soon meet her baby. She began feeling a lot of pressure and instinctively got on to the squatting position. She felt the urge to bear down with every wave. The midwife applied a warm compress at the perineum and over the next few minutes, silently encouraged Harshita to work with her body and her baby. Finally, more than 40 hours after releasing her waters, Harshita welcomed her baby boy into the world. A proud daddy, Namit beaming with joy was excited to cut the cord. Harshita had a first-degree tear and the Midwife put a few sutures. Harshita and Namit were left to enjoy and connect with the little angel they had created.

                Harshita’s birth proved that when pregnant women and their care-providers share a relationship based on trust; when women are not coerced into making decisions out of fear, when women are provided with unbiased evidence-based information, then every woman feels confident and empowered as she enters a new phase in her life, a new journey called “Motherhood”.

                Birthing with Confidence:
                Kavya and Eshwar’s experience with an induced labour

                Kavya had a waterbirth with us a year and a half ago and was very motivated to have another one this time too. With her pregnancy being low risk, she was put under midwifery care. During her routine antenatal check with the midwife at 37 weeks, the fundal height seemed lesser than the period of gestation, so a scan was suggested which revealed a low fluid level. Kavya was advised to get admitted for induction of labour. She was a little apprehensive as she was not mentally prepared for this. After a lot of counselling and reassurance, Kavya and Eshwar understood the need to get induced but they wished to go home and return in a few hours. Kavya got admitted later in the day and was induced. Within half an hour she started with her waves. She had a shower, caught up on some rest, had her dinner and did her exercises. She was quietly breathing with each wave. The baby was carefully monitored throughout, and both Kavya and her baby were doing well.

                6 hours later, Kavya was assessed and she was already 3 cms open. With her permission, her waters were released. Just like the first time around, Kavya was calm and relaxed, surrendering to the experience, just breathing for herself and her baby… slowly and steadily one wave at a time. The calmness of the dimly lit room filled with the fragrance of lavender added to Kavya’s relaxation.

                The midwife was keeping a close watch on the baby’s heart rate and they waited patiently. All that Eshwar had to do was gently hold her hand. She sat on the birth ball and kept having lots of juices. Kavya soon started bearing down and declared that she could feel the baby coming and in the gentlest of ways, she breathed her baby down. Congratulations Kavya and Eshwar for achieving the birth you wanted, the birth you so dedicatedly worked towards.

                What a beautiful birth…a baby boy, 3.06 kgs with an intact perineum. Six minutes later, after the cord pulsations ceased, Eshwar cut the cord and Kavya hugged her baby tight. She indulged in lots of skin-to-skin with her baby and the first breastfeeding was initiated.

                Birth has always empowered you Kavya. You always believed that you could do it, and you did it. You rock!!

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                  Birthing with Calm and Gentility:
                  Stuti and Ankit’s Hypnobirthing story

                  During the first half of their pregnancy, Stuti and Ankit were booked at another hospital where they felt the care they were receiving was medicalised and that was not what they were looking for. Believing that pregnancy and childbirth are the most natural events in a woman’s life, they felt they were being unnecessarily overloaded with medication and decided to register for care with us.

                  Stuti was a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy. She was therefore referred for midwifery care from 34 weeks of her pregnancy. They were looking for a quiet, peaceful and a ‘no-intervention’ birth and having gathered all the information from the team of midwives, they started preparing for the birth.

                  They enrolled for the hypnobirthing classes with us and diligently did their reading and practiced all the techniques. They also decided to have a Doula support them during the birth. At 38 weeks, Stuti spontaneously went into labour. She remained calm and in control while she breathed through her waves. She also dozed in between her waves. The dimly lit birthing room with candles, fairy lights, birth affirmations hung on the wall, soothing music in the background and the sweet fragrance of lavender in the room further added to Stuti’s relaxation. The midwife intermittently kept monitoring the baby’s heart rate and her Doula ensured Stuti’s basic needs were taken care of. Together her birth team helped her with massages, movement, mobility, and other comfort measures.

                  Stuti got into the pool for hydrotherapy. She progressed quickly in the pool. She was completely in-charge, following her body and very instinctively changed positions — All 4’s, side-lying and forward leaning on Ankit. She tried them all while keeping her focus on her breath. She absolutely looked like a Goddess with such calm and peace on her face. The midwife carefully checked the baby’s heart rate after each wave. With a little bit of encouragement and a lot of tender, loving care from her loving husband, the midwives, and her Doula, Stuti adopted the right lateral position and brought a new life into this world. A beautiful baby boy who was immediately placed on his mother’s bosom, the safest place for him in the entire world. A few minutes later, when the cord pulsations stopped, the umbilical cord was cut by a proud daddy. Ankit and Stuti were lost in admiring the beautiful creation they had made together. What a priceless moment this was!

                  Congratulations Ankit and Stuti.

                  Birth is powerful and women are indeed the strongest species created by God.

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